1. ahmogar:


    well would you look at that

    gavin free in gta v

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  2. My Favorite Things - Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Ryan Haywood, and Jack Pattillo Let's Play Cloudberry Kingdom part 6


    So… favorite version of this song. Ever.

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    heres a midi of hips dont lie with a banjo as the vocals

    i cant believe this

    this sounds like it belongs in a legend of zelda game


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    • me:   this show is so fucked up
    • me:   *continues watching*
    • House phone:   *rings*
    • Me:   nah
  4. Things you should NEVER say to fangirls:


    Whovians: I skipped nine.

    Potterheads: They’re just books.

    Tolkienites: Why didn’t the eagles just drop them off?

    Merlinians: You must have known it was going to end like that.

    Hunters: I skipped the first three seasons to meet cas.

    Sherlockians: I hate Mrs Hudson.

    Hiddlestoners or Cumberbabes: But he is ugly.

    All fandoms: Its not real. Its only a stupid story.

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    Vintage Lace-up Blue Floral Martin Boot


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  6. jesspinkman:

    being a pessimist is great i’m always either right or pleasantly surprised 

    #the optimistic look on pessimism  

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